Chinese OSINT Investigator

Welcome to the Chinese OSINT Investigator course! For instance, this training, provided by EPCYBER, is designed to help you become a Chinese Open Source Intelligence (COSINTI) Investigator.

Firstly, in today’s interconnected world, China plays a pivotal role in many areas, including technology, politics, and economics. Secondly, to understand and navigate this complex ecosystem, it’s essential to have a deep understanding of the Chinese internet and the information available on it.

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Therefore, by learning the COSINTI techniques, the student will be able to gather and analyze information from publicly available sources. Therefore, those are social media, news articles, and government websites.  For instance, students will make informed decisions based on the insights gained.  In conclusion, this course will also provide students with career paths and opportunities for using OSINT skills to work in fields such as journalism, intelligence, and law enforcement, where knowledge of the Chinese internet is in high demand.

What’s unique?

    • Using ‘Penetration Testing’ methodologies to transform websites into sources of information.

    • Learn tips, tricks, and search strategies to conduct the art of Source Development. Enriching your toolbox of all things China.

    • Learning to think outside the box with a variety of guided case scenarios.


China Foundation

Understanding Chinese & Western Ecosystems
Access & Other Obstacles
Other Important Takeaways

Understanding The Chinese Language

Chinese Characters
Dialects & Important Takeaways
Text & Image Translation Tools
Configuring Your Environment

Breaking Down Chinese Names

Chinese Name Order

Variations in Spelling

Nicknames & Aliases

Translations and Transliterations
Working with Chinese Search Engines

Working with Multi-Purpose Chinese SE's
* Working with Academic Search Engines
* Working with General Purpose Search Engines

* Working with Image Search Engines

* Working with People Search Engines

* Working with Video Search Engines

Search Engines Search Strategies for OSINT

Conduct Chinese Technical (Cyber) Research

Working with Chinese Social Media

Working with Social Media Search Engines

Working with Social Media Platforms Directly

Learning Important Search Strategies & Tips
Chinese Business Research

Tools & Strategies for:

* History and background

* Financial Performance

* Industry Analysis

* Management and Leadership

* Corporate Governance

* Social Responsibility

* Risks and Opportunities

Research Trends & Industry Data

Chinese Source Development

Search Strategies for Independent Research

Tips to Gain Confidence in the Ecosystem

Tricks to find new sources in Chinese


Students don’t need any prior experience with the Chinese Language.

Length of Course

    • There are three modules 
    • Each module teaches and practices  different levels
    • Total of 5 hours

Upon Course Completion

Student will:

    • Learn the fundamentals of the Chinese language.

    • Become confident in conducting independent research on any topic.

    • Conduct investigations and research in the Chinese language.

    • Conduct Automation & Source Development.

Learning Materials

Students will receive:

    • PDF slides with instructional materials.
    • Tools for data collection and analysis.
    • Further recommendations for independent study.
    • For instance, you can access the course materials for up to 3 months.
    • Finally, you will receive a Certificate of completion.

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Chinese OSINT Investigator

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