Basic Courses

Basic Courses


Have you considered taking basic cybersecurity courses? With the rise of the internet and social media, information is more accessible than ever before. But with so much data available, it can be challenging to find relevant and reliable information.

By using publicly available sources, such as social media, news articles, and government websites, you can gather information, analyze it, and make informed decisions based on the insights gained. Not only will you develop a valuable skill, but you’ll also be able to pursue exciting career opportunities in fields such as journalism, intelligence, and law enforcement.

The OSINT landscape is constantly evolving, and my course will provide you with the latest relevant knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to develop a skill that will set you apart and open up new career opportunities. Sign up for any of my OSINT & SOCMINT courses today!

OSINT Practitioner (OSINTP)

Develop a valuable skill that can help you in any profession. Look no further than my OSINT course! Open Source Intelligence is a critical skill for anyone who needs to find, analyze, and make decisions based on publicly available information. In this course, students learn the fundamentals of OSINT including how to conduct research, analyze data, and make informed decisions based on their findings. Practice good OPSEC and understand intelligence frameworks.


DARK WEB CTI  Practitioner (DWCTIP) 

OPSEC  Practitioner (OPSECP)