Osint Practitioner

Welcome to our Osint Practitioner (OSINTP) course, provided by EPCYBER, where we equip individuals with the skills and knowledge to become proficient practitioners in this field.

In today’s world, for instance, the internet has become a treasure trove of information, and being able to effectively gather and analyze data from publicly available sources is a critical skill. Therefore, OSINT is becoming increasingly important in a variety of industries, including cybersecurity, law enforcement, journalism, and corporate intelligence.

For instance, by mastering the techniques and tools used in OSINT, you can open up new career opportunities in these fields and beyond. Finally, join us on this exciting journey of discovery and learn how to leverage the power of OSINT to uncover insights and make informed decisions.

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OSINT Fundamentals

What is OSINT
Who Uses OSINT
Types of OSINT
Intelligence, Data, Information
Understanding collection requirements
OSINT Ethics

The Intelligence Cycle
Planning and Directing
Processing & Exploitation
Analysis and Production
Evaluation & Feedback

Intelligence Collection Disciplines
(OSINT) Open Source Intelligence
(HUMINT) Human Intelligence
(SIGINT) Signals Intelligence
(MASINT) Measurement & Signatures
(IMINT) Imagery Intelligence
(GEOINT) Geospatial intelligence
(FININT) Financial intelligence
SOCMINT (Social Media Intelligence)
OPSEC Fundamentals
Critical Cyber Hygiene Practice
Effective Note Taking
Organized Virtual Workspace Tools
Avoiding Analysis "Rabbit Holes"
Controlling the Digital Footprint
Report Writing

Work Environment Configuration
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Virtual Machine (VM)
Virtual Machine Security Considerations
Configuration of Web Browser Security
Configuration of Web Browser Privacy
Configuration of Web Browser Extentsions
Setup Sock Puppet Accounts (Avatars)
Security Considerations for Avatar Accounts

Research in Practice
Working with Multi-Purpose Search Engines
Using search operators (Queries or Dorking)
Creating Advanced Search Operators
Collecting Data from the Blog Platforms
Collection Data from Social Media Platforms
Collecting Data from Alternative Sources
Running Foreign Language Searches

Investigation Fundamentals
Tools & Frameworks for OSINT
Investigating Documents Metadata
Source Development on Social Media

Automating Processes
Using RSS Feeds
Using Social Media Aggregators
Using APIs
Helpful Automation Tools & Frameworks
Tools & Extensions for Efficient Investigation


    • Students don’t need any prior experience with OSINT research or Open-source intelligence practices to benefit from this course.
    • This course should serve as a prerequisite for any of our other courses that emphasize the development of research abilities offered by EPCYBER.

Length of Course

    • Each of our courses of comprised of 3 modules.
    • Each module teaches and practices a different level of the course.
    • Three hours.

Upon Course Completion

    • Understand and recognize intelligence requirements.
    • Improve the effectiveness, efficiency, and success of OSINT investigations.
    • Learn to use tools to leverage investigations.
    • Conduct Automation & Source Development.
    • Practice good OPSEC (Operational Security).

Learning Materials

    • Package of PDF slides and instructional materials.
    • Tools for data collection and analysis.
    • Further recommendations for independent study.
    • Access to the course materials for up to 3 months.
    • Certificate of completion.

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Osint Practitioner

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