DC Department


DC Department

DC Department

DC Department offers four security programs that are specifically for officers that will work in the District of Columbia: Armed and Unarmed Special Police Officer (SPO), and Security Officer (SO) that is an unarmed officer.


The Armed SPO system consists of specific combat shooting and is a training of specific techniques that are in use daily by DC police and special police forces.

These techniques include an introduction of theoretical strategies and physical security doctrines that can prevent, can deter, and can neutralize criminal, and terrorist activities.


The success of our courses is due on our physical exercises and practical simulations that are based on real events. Therefore, by train students in real situations and under a high level of mental stress, we can allow the student to react faster to an attack and more effectively. In addition, The brain and the body, when we train them on a regular basis, they automatically respond to any type of situation.

With the right technique, practiced

The officer percentage of survival increase when his training is done under stress, and with a real-world scenario, .

DC Department Classes are:


Our main training center is Chantilly, VA.