DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO) Entry Level


DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO)

DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO) is a course of a total of 80 hours, new regulations by the Security Office Branch Management (SOMB) divided into 40 hours of regulations and practices + 40 hours of firearm training. Therefore, special police officers who carry a firearm are required to complete a 40-hour firearms training to include a live fire at the range before they can be licensed as an armed SPO.  For instance, this class can be divided into two modules: regulations and practice, and firearms training.

Therefore, the DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO) course includes classroom time and lives range. In addition, the instruction will discuss the policy on the “Use of Force“, “Use of Force Continuum“, “Handling of Services Weapon“, “Weapon Safety“, and when SPO may discharge their firearm, and when discharging a firearm is prohibited.


      • Positional asphyxia
      • Professional Uniform Development
      • Terrorism Awareness including building evacuation
      • Shoplifting
      • Report Writing
      • Patrol Techniques
      • Sexual Harassment
      • De-escalation procedures
      • Public Relation/Customer Service
      • Firearm usage (Glock 19 or 38 Revolver) & classroom instruction

Eligibility Requirements:

      • Had reached the age of twenty-one (21) years.

      • Be a citizen of the United States.

      • Be of good moral character.

      • Chief of Police approval

      • High school diploma or a general equivalency diploma.

      • One year of experience in security, or as a special police officer in the District of Columbia,

      • Read, write, and speak the English language.

      • Cleared by a licensed physician as physically and psychologically fit to perform the duties of a special police officer.

      • Ineligibility if dishonorably discharged from the military.

Training Location: 

Blackfish Armory 14725 K Flint Lee Rd Chantilly, VA 20151


80 hours (New SOMB Regulations)


Therefore, If you are interested to enroll in Armed SPO, check our SCHEDULE and fill out the enrollment registration form below 10 days prior to the beginning of class.

Therefore, before you click the “Buy Now” button be sure you have filled out our registration form and we have confirmed with you a seating availability.

We will not accept anybody walking in the class without prior registration.

Classes Payments:

We accept online payments through PayPal. Financial Services are available when you sign up with PayPal in Credit.

(Note: Prices do not include Virginia Tax 6%)


Individual Tuition:

DC Armed (SPO) Entry Level $1499.99 (80 hours)

DC Armed (SPO)  Firearms Training $899.99 (40 hours)

DC Armed (SPO)  Regulations, Practice $899.99 (40 hours)

(The fee includes 100 rounds of ammunition, 2 shooting targets, Range fees. Falcon will provide targets, eyes, and ear protection.)

DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO)


****We are only charging for the DC Armed Special Police Officer (SPO) training course, targets, and range fees. Therefore, it is your responsibility to pay for your licensing fee, fingerprinting fee, test fee, physical/drug screening.****

      • $84 – Licensing fee (DCRA Pay online)
      • $35 – Live Scan Fingerprinting Fee Criminal History Report (made payable to DC Treasurer)
      • $75 – Physical/Drug Screening

Moreover, security agencies may require additional training. For instance, it is an offer for educational opportunities that may lead to employment and not an offer for nor a guarantee of employment. Therefore, to be able to register for the class, you have to fill out the pre-registration form below, and later we will send you a payment link.