EMS Department


Emergency Medical Services Department

Emergency Medical Services Department

The Emergency Medical Services Department offers individuals, private, public and federal organizations classes, to learn proper emergency techniques and create effective Emergency Response Teams.  Therefore, they will respond to any medical emergency, environmental, active shooting or terrorism-related situation.

Emergency Medical Services System

Emergency Medical Services system is based on the Israeli art of emergency procedures and is composed of procedures during Tactical Emergency Responses to Mass-Casualty and Terrorism Incidents.

Therefore, these procedures include an introduction of theoretical strategies and physical security doctrines.  These strategies can prevent, deter, and neutralize criminal, and terrorist activities.

Emergency Standards System

Israel has a standardized system of emergency preparedness and management based on a national model of operations. The Supreme Health Authority, a committee of the Ministry of Health are coordinating this system.

Therefore, in Israel they have compulsory emergency response training for all medical institutions and first responders.

For instance, regular exercises for responding to mass-casualty incidents are carried out often. In addition, all acute care hospitals and emergency medical services that operate in the region, they are participating.

All personnel that constitutes the response teams for emergencies, including physicians, nurses, paramedical staff, and logistics and administrative professionals, are the target group for this training.

Therefore, a common terminology, and a close collaboration between the civilian and military health care systems is vital.  In addition, local and national authorities, are also components of Israel’s emergency preparedness and response system.

Emergency Services Training Realism

Following every mass-casualty incident, an after-action review is important to identify lessons from the experience.  Therefore, these reviews have produced useful insights.  For instance, planners can develop, assess, and refine their approach to the incidents.

As a result, Israel has a standard and flexible approach to such incidents that can readily adapt to a wide range of circumstances. Israel’s emergency response system has a structure that take advantage of the existing nationwide network of pre-hospital services and health care providers.


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