Combat Medic

Combat Medic


Combat Medic

The Combat Medic is one of the fundamental role when quick medical intervention is needed during rescue mission under enemy’s fire or during ongoing shooting situation where multiple casualties need urgent medical attention.

A Combat Medic can save lives, and in many cases, law enforcement, security, and military combat paramedics are the first to arrive on the scene and provide emergency treatment to civilians and soldiers that have been severely injured during military or public safety operations.

Law Enforcement and military paramedics have a tremendous amount of responsibility because they need to be ready to perform field operations and stabilize wounded officers and soldiers until they are evacuated to a hospital. As part of the public safety and fighting force, they have to be as well-versed in combat as they are in medicine.

The Combat Medic‘s course focuses on serious wounds caused by gunshots, blasts, and other life-threatening injuries that may be encountered in a military, law enforcement or high-risk security environments. Therefore, this course is for non-medical personnel that are traveling or working in high-risk areas.  For instance, they learn the skills and ability to keep themselves and others alive with minimal equipment until a more comprehensive medical solution is accessible. This course is valuable to anyone working in a tactical setting or frequenting elevated risk areas.

Note: This course is not a basic “First Aid” course

Some topics include:

    • Rapid Patient Assessment
    • Effectively stopping massive bleeding
    • Gunshot wound characteristics and treatment
    • Hemostatic Agents (Combat Gauze, Celox)
    • Proper Use of Tourniquets
    • Direct pressure vs Indirect pressure
    • Compression bandages (Commercial & improvised)
    • Tactical Priorities – When to treat & when to fight
    • Airway Management
    • Chest Seals & sucking chest wounds
    • Self-care and continuing the fight
    • First Responder Kit – 3 life-saving items that fit in your pocket!
    • Different phases of care