FPS Department

FPS Department

Federal Protective Service (FPS) department provides classes that range from basic to advanced training to educate the future federal protective officers to work for federal companies as contractors.

The FPS curriculum, combined with federal laws, security procedures, unarmed and armed combat techniques, have been tested and used regularly by US Federal Protective Officers (FPO) for decades in the United States to counteract domestic and terror threat.

With the right “Modus Operandi” and mindset, PSO and Federal officers can provide better security and neutralize more effectively these situations to happen.


The FPS system consists of security and combat shooting method and procedures designed specifically for Federal Protective Officers (FPO) that are under contract with federal agencies and facilities. The system is designed specifically to prevent and neutralize terror attacks.


Our FPS courses are composed of physical exercises and practical simulations that are based on real events. Only by using a training that is based on real simulations where the Federal Protective Officers (FPO) is put under a mental and physical stress, we can react fast to an attack and respond more effectively.

FPS Department Classes are:


FALCON’s company has their training location in Northern Virginia and West Virginia. We can also train the client at their location.