VA-DCJS Department

VA-DCJS Department

VA-DCJS Department

The VA-DCJS Department, Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Department Services  (88-10046) is an approved education system structured into an advanced kinesthetic and cognitive learning methodology. Therefore, the system has a learning system capacities for officers in uniform and armed personnel.

In addition, the our department offers learning methodologies that security professionals, law enforcement, military units uses nationwide and around the world.


For instance, our methodology consists of a healthy developed intelligence tactical response system that has the best practice techniques. Therefore,  security forces are using it various threat situations in the US, Israel and internationally. These techniques include an introduction of the tactical protection strategies and physical security doctrines that can prevent, can deter, and neutralize criminal and terrorist activities.


Our courses offer current learning strategies, industry information and analyze statistical data. Our expert lectures show effective demonstrations and graded practical simulations based on real events. As a result, officers that trained on a system based on real-world situations, and under a high-level of mental stress,  can react faster and effective to any violent attack.

VA-DCJS Department offers a series of security classes:

Unarmed Security Officer

For instance, an unarmed security officer is a person who performs the function of observation, detection, reporting, to an appropriate authority or supervisor. The officer is reporting regarding persons or property on the premises he is protecting.  Therefore, the officer does not carry or have access to a firearm in the performance of his duties.

Therefore, the officer can work for 90 consecutive days while completing the compulsory minimum training requirements.  A submission of fingerprints is necessary on or before their date of hire and the employer provides you with a 90 day authorization document.  This document along with a photo ID must be carried on duty while performing regulated services until a temporary or permanent registration is issued.


Black Armory, Chantilly, VA