VA-DCJS Department


Falcon classroom

FALCON’s Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Department Services (VA-DCJS) Department #88-10046 is an approved education system structured into an advanced kinesthetic and cognitive learning methodology composed of a learning system capacities for uniformed and armed personnel. These learning methodologies have been tested by security professionals, law enforcement, military units in various anti-terrorists and active shooters incidents.

These techniques are used anti-terrorism measures and operations, in the prevention of terrorist’s infiltration of homeland jurisdictions and prevention of deadly attacks against civilians.


FALCON’s education system methodology consists indent a healthy developed intelligence tactical response system composed of industry best practices techniques, that have been tested and used in various threat situations OCONUS, Israel and other areas of allied interest. These techniques include an introduction of the tactical protection strategies and physical security doctrines that can prevent, can deter, and neutralize criminal and terrorist activities.


Our courses are composed of current learning strategies, industry information and analyze statistical data. Our expert lectures, effective demonstrations, and graded practical simulations are based on real events. Only by using a system based on real-world situations, under a high level of mental stress, we can allow the student to react fast to an attack more effectively.

VA-DCJS Department offers a series of security classes:


Northern Virginia and West Virginia