05E Arresting Authority

Arrest Authority (05E)

The 05E  Arrest Authority certification is necessary to complete the 075 Armed Security Officer in Virginia to be able to affect an arrest of a person committing a crime or trespassing a facility that is protecting.

The 05E  Arrest Authority certification is necessary for an armed security officer to be able to detain a suspicious individual or remove a noncomplying individual from private property.

In addition, the officer also needs the 05E  Arrest Authority certification to break a fight between people. Therefore, without being certified with the Arrest Authority certification, an officer cannot work in a bar or be simply a bouncer.

The classes will run only with a minimum of ten (10) students.  Private Security companies please contact us for large groups of officers.

Location: Northern Virginia


Eligibility Requirements:

    • Be a minimum of 18 years of age.
    • Successful completion of all initial training requirements for each registration category.
    • Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.
    • No Criminal Record

Therefore, If you are interested to enroll in 05E – Arrest Authority, check our SCHEDULE and fill out the enrollment registration form below 10 days prior to the beginning of class.

Before you click the “Buy Now” button be sure you have filled out our registration form and we have confirmed with you a seating availability. The completed payment will cover your seat.

We will not accept anybody walking into the class without prior registration.


We accept only online payments. Financial Services are available. (Please note: Prices do not include Virginia Tax 6%)


Individual Entry Level

05E – Arrest Authority (8 hours ) Price: $ 99.99

(This is a mandatory class to get licensed as an Armed Security Officer )

Arrest Authority

 Saving Packages:

A) 05E + 075E Security Officer Handgun Entry Level (32 hours) $ 399.99

B) 01E + 05E + 075E Security Officer Handgun Entry Level (50 hours) $ 489.99

C) 01E + 05E + 075E Security Officer Handgun+ 08E Shotgun Entry Level (53 hours) $ 624.99

Saving Packages Arrest Authority