06E-06I Special Conservator of the Peace

06E-06I Special Conservator of the Peace

The 06E-06I Special Conservator of the Peace is a class for individuals who are seeking appointment by a county Circuit Court. Therefore, the Special Conservator of the Peace has powers, functions, duties, and responsibilities that may deem appropriate, for the security of property or the public safety and peace and presentation of evidence in court.

The classes will run with a minimum of ten (10) students.  Private Security companies please contact us for large groups of officers

Individual Entry Level Training:

06E – Unarmed Special Conservator of the Peace Entry-Level (24 Hours) $ 499.99

07E – Firearms Training Entry Level (16 hours) $ 399.00

08E – Shotgun (3 Hours ) $ 135.00

Saving Packages Individual Entry Level Training:

A) 06E +07E Armed Special Conservator of the Peace Entry-Level (40 hours) $699.99

B) 06E + 07E +08E Armed Special Conservator of the Peace Entry-Level + Shotgun (43 hours) $799.99

Individual In-Service Training:

06I – Special Conservator of the Peace – In-Service (8 Hours) $ 249.99

Saving Packages Individual In-Service Training:

A) 06I + 07R Armed Special Conservator of the Peace In-Service (10 hours) $ 349.99

B) 06I + 07R + 08R Armed Special Conservator of the Peace In-service (12 hours) $ 449.99

Eligibility Requirements:

      • Be a minimum of 18 years of age
      • Successfully complete all initial training requirements for the Special Conservator of the Peace.  Firearms verification if applicable, pursuant to the entry-level training standards in
      • Be a United States citizen or legal resident alien of the United States.
      • No Criminal Record


Therefore, If you are interested to enroll in this class, check our classes SCHEDULE and fill out the enrollment registration form below at least 15 days prior to the beginning of the class. For instance, if we have availability we will send you a seat confirmation via email and an invoice with a payment method. Finally, after we will receive your registration and payment, we will send you a confirmation.

We will not accept anybody walking in the classroom without having a registration prior.


    • Background Investigation:                                                                                                        A background investigation is separate and distinct from a state or local criminal record check. It must include other inquiries into the person’s life, such as Linux (separate from the criminal record check), reference checks, employment checks, a review of school records, and/or an in-depth personal interview.
    • Proof of personal liability, property damage, and miscellaneous casualty insurance; which lists DCJS as the Certificate Holder in the minimum amount of $500,000.00. The insurance certificate should include in the Description of Operations that it provides coverage for duties performed under the Special Conservator of the Peace Program.
    • Completion of Entry-Level Training.
    • Drug and Alcohol Test (FOR INITIAL APPLICANTS ONLY)
    • Contact First Source Solutions at 1-800-732-3784. When contacting First Source Solutions, notify the receptionist that you are with the DCJS Special Conservator of the Peace program.

Apply online at www.dcjs.virginia.gov/online, and pay applicable non-refundable fees.

NOTE:  Mobile phones are not supported and will cause errors/processing delays. Please have all required documentation saved to your computer, so that it is available for upload during the online process.

Therefore you need to schedule an appointment to have your fingerprints scanned per the instructions provided on your online receipt page. You may schedule an appointment at www.fieldprintvirginia.com or call 877-614-4364.

A temporary registration letter will be issued, following the completion of all registration requirements. The employing company should provide this letter to the circuit court.

PLEASE NOTE: The temporary registration letter does not guarantee an appointment and does not authorize you to engage in providing SCOP services without a court order.

FINAL STEPS (to be completed after all of the above eligibility criteria have been met):

Mandatory Forms:

As of July 1, 2015, if you are seeking a new appointment or a re-appointment with a circuit court, the law requires you to submit the standardized application, created by the Supreme Court of Virginia, Office of the Executive Secretary.

    • Once the circuit court signs the order, you must return copies of both the (#1) Application (CC-1430) and (#2) Order for Appointment (CC-1431) to DCJS in order to receive your registration documents.


We accept only online payments. Financial Services are available. (Please note: Prices do not include Virginia Tax 6%)

Payments Options:

Option 1: Payment in FULL of one class (Receive a 5% discount) (Note: Saving Packages don’t have a discount rate)

Option 2: Payment in FULL of two or more classes (Receive a 10% discount) (Note: Saving Packages don’t have a discount rate)

Savings Packages Options:

Option 1: Two payments (If more than $350)

Option 2: Three payments (If more than $1500)