Body Armor

Body Armor



Our Body Armor is originally from Israel. Most importantly, the design of body armor is for high mobility and maximum personal protection. In addition, the vest has durable and lightweight ballistic fabrics (Honeywell Goldflex).

Our Body Armor is designed and manufactured by Marom Dolphin Ltd, a company founded in 1993 for small textile products. Therefore, the company has expanded its sector of activity and established itself as one of the leading companies in the tactical textile field.

The products we offer, are the best in the ballistic market.  For instance, their design is based on the knowledge and experience of former security and military operators.  In addition, our partners are developing safe, operational and ergonomic products essential for any and all security tasks. The wide range of military and security products are of the highest quality. In addition, they meet the demands of all service standards.

Optimal Protection and Mobility

This vest is suitable for Civilians, businessman, bodyguards, journalists, and Diplomats that are traveling in dangerous countries. (All our body armors are made by Marom Dolphin Ltd) Therefore, our body armor offers perfect and comforts while providing optimal coverage area to both the front and back parts of the wearer.

In addition, the vest is available as:

    • Plain tactical (G1), a tactical vest with mixed pouches (G2)
    • A tactical vest with MOLLE webbing for attaching compatible pouches (G3).

All models are available with optional detachable protection add-ons: Neck (BA8010), Arms (BA8011), Sides (BA8012), and Groin (BA8013). In addition, other designs and configurations are possible to do upon customer request.