Ceramic 2 Plates Protection Level IV

Ceramic Plate protection Level IV - 2 plates
Ceramic Plate protection Level IV – 2 plates

Ceramic 2 Plates Protection Level IV (4) in conjunction with Body Armor level III-A

Ceramic 2 Plates Protection Level IV is a panel that is an add-on component/insert to a ballistic vest. Its primary purpose is to absorb and disrupt the kinetic energy of a bullet impact and reduce the blunt trauma transferred to the wearer of the vest.

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Technical details:

  • The ceramic plate is made out of ceramic Alumina.
  • Manufactured with lightweight, durable, Kevlar fabric.
  • Includes a fabric waterproof cover made out of Kordura by DuPont.
  • Protection level IV (4).

Ballistic levels:

Bulletproof vests are designed to ‘trap’ and slow bullets down as they attempt to pass through the vest. Bullet Proof Vests come in two different types; hard and soft. The ‘soft’ armors are designed to protect against most handgun and small arms ammunition, whereas ‘hard’ armors are designed to stop high caliber and armor piercing rounds.


  • Size: 300×250 mm ± 5. = 10X12 inch
  • Weight: ±2950 gr. =  6 pounds and 8.16 ounces

About ceramic Alumina:

Aluminum Oxide, Al2O3 is a major engineering material. It offers a combination of good mechanical properties and electrical properties leading to a wide range of applications.

Typical Alumina characteristics include:

  • Good strength and stiffness
  • Good hardness and wear resistance
  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Good thermal stability
  • Excellent dielectric properties (from DC to GHz frequencies)
  • Low dielectric constant