Micro Roni Stab Gen 3S

Micro Roni Gen 3S

Micro-Roni Stab G3S  is the improving version of G3 for the pistol carbine conversion kit.  For instance, the lights and sturdy platform for your various Glocks and pistols are made of aluminum with a polymer body. This Micro Roni Stab G3S version introduces the new triangular muzzle that is compatible with all of Micro Roni Gen 4 accessories, including the MR-CMP and PMD!

Micro-Roni Stab G3S features a folding mechanism for a sturdier position and equipped with an adjustable nylon brace. Therefore, the Stabs version is designed mainly for the US market. An extremely compact, lightweight, and sturdy platform for various Glock pistols.

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Micro-Roni Stab G3S


    • Equipped with a right-folding stabilizing brace, instead of the original folding stock.
    • The brace is firmly fastened on the user’s forearm with an adjustable nylon strap.
    • It provides stability and enhances performance during single-handed shooting.
    • No pistol disassembly required – Just drop it into the kit and lock within seconds.
    • A long Picatinny rail – Allows combining two devices (i.e. red-dot, magnifier, or NVG).
    • Two extra right and left Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories.
    • Ambidextrous, easy, and fast cocking handle.
    • Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety.
    • A right-folding stock for easy concealment and carry, yet the pistol can be operated (grip, cock, and shoot).
    • Mill Standard! 10 Years Warranty! Pat-Pending! No Gunsmith Required!


    • Full-Size Glock 17, 22 & 31,
    • Full-Size Glock 19, 23 & 32


    • Length Open Stock (cm): 47.6
    • Length Folded Stock (cm): 34.8
    • Width Max (cm): 6.3
    • Hight Max (cm): 14.5
    • Weight (grams): 720


Made of Polymer & Aluminum

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