Private Investigators


Private Investigations Department


Our Private Investigations Department is committed to using the utmost discretion and professionalism. Falcon’s detectives are committed to ensuring that you get the best and most relevant service possible whether it be through a “Background Check“, “Targeted Social Media” and “Online Identity Risk Analysis“.

Our Private Investigations Department can also give you a suitable service through one of our highly trained Private Investigators, Personal Protection Specialists, or  Uniformed Private Security Service. Our consultants will work with you to identify the appropriate course of action in case of “Infidelity“, “Insurance Fraud”, and meet your case requirements.

If you require a high degree of discretion and privacy, our Security Concierges will address all of your security needs including Counter-surveillance, Surveillance Detection/Paparazzi mitigation, route analysis, and technical surveillance remediation.

Working in coordination with all of Falcons security and Investigative Resources, our Security Concierges will ensure that security is present and effective, but not visible and disruptive.

Our Investigative Team has many combined years of experience working with Law Enforcement Agencies, The US Military, and the United States Government.

Each Private Investigator is registered with the Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) in Virginia and has hundreds of combined hours of Investigative Experience able to meet any of your case requirements.

Quality Service

The Private Investigations Department is qualified to provide service to citizens, businesses, lawyers, public officials, law enforcement, health professionals, guardian ad litem, and victim advocates, in both civil and criminal matters on both local and Federal levels.

Our consultants, located in the Washington DC metro area and the United States, have participated in noteworthy cases for both Plaintiffs and Defendants. For instance, some of the cases they worked on include homicide, malicious wounding, drug offenses, and DUI.

Moreover, sexual harassment/assault, crimes against children, computer pornography, computer data analysis and recapture. In addition, they have the knowledge to safeguard a crime scene and take accident scene photography. Moreover, they worked on white-collar crime cases as well as divorce, child custody, identity theft, and personal injury.

Some of the services that our investigators specialize in:

    • Targeted Social Media Analysis
    • Online Identity Risk Analysis
    • Background Checks
    • Civil Cases
    • Infidelity
    • Insurance Fraud
    • Corporate Investigations
    • Underwater Asset Recovery
    • Counter-Surveillance/Detection
    • Witness Statements
    • Serving Court Documents
    • Courier Services
    • Reverse Phone Lookup
    • Hidden Camera Detection
    • Missing Persons
    • Human Trafficking

If you are in need of our services please contact us through the form below.  Therefore, one of our Investigative Consultants will be happy to work with you. After that, it will determine how to approach your specific need.