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FALCON, Professional Security and Training LLC, has a license with the  Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services DCJS: 11-15371 to provide private security services and training.

FALCON, Professional Security and Training LLC has a certification with Small business, Women, and Minority-Owned (SWaM: 724458) and is based in Washington DC Metro Area and Virginia.

The company provide also Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), First Aid, AED, firearms, CCW, women’s self-defense, and unarmed combat classes for civilians and law enforcement professionals.

FALCON provides to the private, public, and military sectors, unarmed and armed security services. The company also provides Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED), Risk Management, and Security Assessment.

FALCON aims permanently to achieve more professional education, with a deep understanding of defense strategies.  In other words, by studying the different “modus operandi”  of our enemy, the response becomes more effective.

When FALCON gets a new assignment, our specialists analyze and assess the client’s security threats.

FALCON, Professional Security and Training LLC offers a range of services to fit any training, private security, or tactical online retail products.

Security Services

Security Services
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Security Services

We provide the full spectrum of security services from personal protection to static and roving armed personnel, to unarmed luxury concierges, front desk agents, customer service, and cybersecurity consultants. For instance, we also offer a variety of professional services to the private, public,  and military sectors. We are servicing Virginia, the USA and Canada. Therefore, our customers consider us, one of the best security companies in the Washington DC Metro Area.


All of our security officers have been rigorously screened for professionalism, integrity, and ethical and moral awareness. We have confidence that the security professionals we provide to you, will fulfill your security and safety needs in a professional manner.


We like to provide the best service to our customers. Our service is efficient, quick, and friendly. Therefore, we build strong business relationships with our customers. When a problem arises, we handle it quickly and respond accordingly. Quality customer service is our number one objective.


Ethics are very important to our company. Therefore, we care about what is good for our clients. As a result, we provide them with a service that has rights, responsibilities, and moral decisions. While our ethics are not only about the morality of a particular course of action, are also about the goodness of officers, and what it means to act accordingly. As a result,  If our security officers are acting properly, it would lead them to the right conclusion, and the best solution.

Therefore, we teach them what it is human conscience and intuition. Secondly,  we teach them to analyze what possible course of action could happen and their possible effects. Most importantly, our officers are good human beings, and they know that each situation they deal with, is different and evolving one.


To be part of Team Falcon, you need to have high integrity, for instance, we choose officers that are doing the right thing in a reliable way. Therefore, It’s a personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. Falcon’s officers have a “wholeness” of character.  They keep their words and commitments. Above all, they pay attention to details, they take responsibility, they respect others, and they stay focused.

Security Consulting

Security Officers

Security Patrols

Security Concierge

Video Surveillance

Bulletproof and Tactical Gear

Bulletproof and Tactical Gear

Bulletproof and Tactical Gear

We are proud to present you with high-quality Bulletproof and Tactical Gear products Made in Israel at an affordable price. Our Bulletproof and Tactical Gear are manufactured from a state-of-the-art factory with the best material in the ballistic and tactical gear market.

A professional team with a lot of knowledge and experience in the security field is designing and conceiving these products. They have dedicated their lives to developing safe, operational, and ergonomic products essential for any and all security. The wide range of military and security products is of the highest quality and meets the demands of all service standards.

Therefore, our Bulletproof and Tactical Gear products have a combination of different materials such as plastic, metal, composites, ballistic elements. 

They are able to manufacture products with high durability and comfort of use both in the operational aspect and in the ergonomic aspect.

Their manufacturing lines are capable of manufacturing thousands of items per month. For instance, they are using top-of-the-edge machinery and equipment such as 3D designing software. In addition, they are also using automatic computer cutting machines.

Among our customers are military, paramilitary, law enforcement, and security organizations across the globe.


Women’s Empowerment

Women's Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment is one of the most effective women’s self-defense programs that we offer.  Therefore, this is unique for the women’s body structure and their psychological response to the male attacks.

For instance, Women’s Empowerment gives women a critical knowledge and survival techniques. In addition, they learn effectively how to prevent dangerous situations by knowing what to look for and using visual prevention strategies.  Moreover, women learn how to detect the attacker’s body language and to use the appropriate technique to respond and neutralize the attack.

The Women’s Empowerment program gives women confidence and important self-defense strategies that can help them to survive a lethal psychological and physical attack.

This program progression-based training is divided into three programs:

Empowerment Level 1

It’s a women’s combat program of 4 hours (one day course) of a total of 1 hour of lectures and 3 hours of practical exercises. In this class women, will learn prevention strategies, safety procedures, and how to protect themselves against 360 degrees attacks while standing. (Minimal fitness)

Empowerment Level 2

It’s a self-defense training of 10 hours divided in 2 hours per week for a duration of 5 weeks.  (Empowerment Level 1 it’s a prerequisite) This intermediate women’s combat training has in total of 1 hour of lectures and 9 hours of practical exercises. Therefore, in this class women, will learn prevention strategies, safety procedures, and how to protect themselves against 360 degrees attacks while standing. (Full Fitness)

Full Empowerment Level 3

This is a combat’s program of 20 hours of 2 hours per week class for a duration of 10 weeks. (For instance, Empowerment Level 2 it’s a prerequisite) The entire program is divided into a total of 1 hour of lectures and 19 hours of practical techniques. Therefore, in this class women, will learn prevention strategies, safety procedures, and how to protect themselves against basic 360 degrees attacks while standing, moving or in the ground. (Full Fitness)

Full Immersion 

This is combat is an intense women’s self-defense program designed for women that don’t have the time to commit to several months.  Therefore, this is a unique program of 15 hours divided into 5 sessions for 3 hours each session. In this training, women will learn the most critical techniques against the most common attacks. For instance, this training is for women that have a medium to high fitness level.

All Women’s Empowerment training includes a course overview and a class schedule. Therefore, instruction is a combination of basic concepts and specific techniques.  For instance, the class is in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Most importantly, women learn how to respond mentally and physically using simple, and effective measures.

Class Payments:

Therefore, We accept only online payments. In addition, Financial Services are available.

(Please note: Prices do not include Virginia Tax 6%)

Payments Options:

Option 1: Payment in FULL of one class. (Receive a 5% discount) (Note: The 5% is not available to Save Packages)

Option 2: Payment in FULL of two or more classes. (Receive a 10% discount) (Note: The 10% is not available to Save Packages)

Savings Packages Options:

Option 1: Two payments (Only when the total is more than $350)

Option 2: Three payments (Only when the total is more than $1500)





Welcome to our Testimonials Page. Here you will find some of our past customer’s testimonials about our past work and training performances.


John Sweeney

Training with David was a growth experience. David is an excellent trainer who challenges you both mentally and physically. The training is not easy but rewarding upon completion.


Claudia Hauri

È stata un’esperienza e un insegnamento molto interessante e importante quello dell’auto difesa che ogni donna dovrebbe conoscere e saper mettere in atto. L’istruttore David Falcon è stato molto chiaro, paziente e professionale. Trovo molto produttivo il fatto che sia stata una lezione pratica oltre che teorica dove ci ha seguite e corrette nei movimenti inscenando situazioni che possono accadere nella quotidianità. Io e mia figlia lo ringraziamo molto per l’opportunità. 🙏😊

(Translated by Google)
It was a very interesting and important experience and teaching that self-defense that every woman should know and know how to implement. Instructor David Falcon was very clear, patient, and professional. I find it very productive that it was a practical as well as theoretical lesson where he followed and corrected us in our movements by staging situations that can happen in everyday life. My daughter and I thank him very much for the opportunity. 🙏😊


Francesca Serfogli

Ho frequentato un corso organizzato da David, che sentitamente ringrazio per la sua disponibilità, professionalità ed attenzione ad ognuno dei partecipanti. Era la mia prima esperienza e spero vivamente che possa ripetersi, appena avrà la possibilità di tornare in Italia. Ancora grazie

(Translated by Google)
I attended a course organized by David, whom I sincerely thank for his availability, professionalism, and attention to each of the participants. It was my first experience and I sincerely hope that it will repeat itself, as soon as it has the opportunity to return to Italy. Thank you again


Nicole Rocchi

Wonderful and very precious experience!!!
I learned a lot about personal security that I didn’t know. David and his team are a very real assurance.
I warmly recommend Falcon Team!!


Rachele Carol Odello alias Seventeen

10 months ago
I attended a women self defence course, in Italy, on July 2022, with David. It was very professional and very useful even for women that are not very fit or young or accustomed to any self discipline. But we all learned in a practical way and we all ended up in being more self confident and aware. Highly reccomended


Bel corso, David molto professionale e preparato. Avrei voluto farlo di 4 ore ma già quello che abbiamo fatto di circa 3 ore era tanto, perché le cose da imparare sono tante e, assimilarle tutte in una volta è troppo.
Grazie David!!

(Translated by Google)
Nice course, David was very professional and prepared. I would have liked to do it for 4 hours but what we did for about 3 hours was already a lot, because there are so many things to learn, and assimilating them all at once is too much.
Thanks David!!


Sage Millwood

The Team at Falcon was incredibly professional. They followed up when they said they would and made the experience incredibly easy.


Chuck Bibby


Errin Green

With the arrival of COVID and the closure of my gym, I began doing early morning runs. And while I didn’t encounter any issues, I began feeling some anxiety about being out so early in the morning. I reached out to Falcon about training that would give me a complete set of self defense tools in the shortest timeframe possible. David was very accommodating and offered a full immersion self defense training course that included 5, 3-hour sessions over a 5-week period. Even after the first session, I felt far more comfortable being outside.

By the end of the training, I felt fully free to engage in my outdoor activities and confident that I would be safe, not only during exercise, but for any situation that might require me to defend myself . I think that self defense training is a life skill that every woman should have and there’s no better training than the one offered by David and Falcon Security. Ladies, get your girlfriends and SIGN UP!!!


Arie Benchetrit

I’ve been looking for a great conversion kit for my Glock 19 pistol. After searching tirelessly and going to different dealers who had limited products that were of poor quality and high prices, I discovered Falcon Security and dealt with David, the company’s proprietor who not only got me a great product made by the geniuses in the Israeli defense industry but also got me what I wanted with all the bells and whistles at a price much better than anyone else I’ve dealt with. ]

David was very patient, very attentive and his customer service was incredible to say the least. He ordered the product and had it delivered straight to my house as promised. Considering all the current delays in delivery due to the COVID pandemic, he worked tirelessly to make sure it arrived at a timely manner. I’m very happy with the entire experience and I will definitely be giving my business to Falcon Security again.


ross madison

From the time I walked in the training, until the time I became apart of the team, the experience has been great. I wouldn’t point anyone in any other direction but FALCON!


Laura Teschner

We had a great experience with Falcon and highly recommend them!


อั่งเปา รักษ์โลก

ขอบคุณสำหรับการซื้อครั้งล่าสุดของคุณ ฉันหวังว่าคุณจะสนุกกับ Micro Roni ใหม่ของคุณ


Elizabeth Mason

I have wanted to become a Private Investigator for twenty-five years. I am so glad I chose Falcon to make that dream a reality. I was understandably nervous to make a career change, but I definitely chose the right academy. I was instantly made comfortable with my decision. My instructor was knowledgeable and friendly. I successfully completely the class. and I have already registered for another class with Falcon.


Rosemary Baby ZVllX

Finally l learned how to use a gun while attending Basic Pistol Training class provided by Falcon.
The trainer was very professional and patient with me. I would take more classes to improve my skills. Thank you Falcon.


Ramneek Kaur

Great and professional, really appreciated the service


Gianfranco Iraola

I would like to thank Mr. David and our instructor Mr. Ahmad for a fantastic class of 01E Unarmed Security Officer. Look forward to future courses here and highly recommend to everybody!


Ms Daniels

They were very professional, prompt, and had a great rate! We will definitely be using them again, and I would highly recommend them to anyone. Update: Words cannot express how happy we are to have hired Falcon Security! I know that I am safe and secure with their officers by my side!


Timothy Dee

David and his team did a fantastic job providing security services for our recent wedding in downtown DC. They were prompt, responsive and professional. Having them there gave us great peace of mind. I would be very happy to work FALCON again at the next opportunity!


Ria Polo

Hired them for an event of 200+ people, they were very friendly and responsive! Most importantly they kept our event safe and were very professional as well as personable. I will definitely be using them in the future!


Sharon Goldman

I’d like to thank David Schinasi and FALCON Security. I had a situation where I needed some security and David was terrific. I found him to be very knowledgeable and gave us useful advice. He was on time, professional and took the detail very seriously. I very much appreciate his professionalism and would highly recommend FALCON Security. I would not hesitate to use FALCON and David again.


Tyler BECK

Post 1/: My experience with Falcon has been awesome. Just completed a class taught by instructor Ahmad. It was great! He has so much knowledge from years of experience, and really cares about his students. He also makes class fun ! Can’t wait to start taking more classes! If you are looking for a professional and well run place this is it.

Post 2/: Just recently finished taking 05E and 075E. Once again class was awesome. Instructor Ahmad made sure you understood all the material and that you understand how to properly fire, and handle a gun. David and Ahmad run a great place, I’d highly recommend taking classes with them or using their security services. They are the best!



If you are looking for practical self defense techniques that could really be used outside of a gym, this is where you want to train. David incorporates both fitness and technique into his workouts, while trying to simulate the adrenaline rush you might have during an actual physical confrontation. I highly recommend Falcon for both men and women who are looking to build skills that could actually help if you are assaulted.


Molly Halprin

David was great! He really cares about his students and emphasizes why each technique is important. He was also willing to travel a ways so that I could participate in the class while working full-time. I learned a great deal from FALCON Security’s 6-hour Women’s Defense Class and would definitely recommend it to others!


bharani kumar

Excellent service by FALCON for my event.


Amy Cruz

Falcon Professional Security & Training LLC provided the staff at Leesburg Veterinary Hospital with life changing self defense skills. David and Jay have a great sense of awareness and seem to enjoy sharing their skills with other people. We will be forever grateful.


Wilson Rios

Learned an extensive amount, especially when you have a teacher who has an incredible record in self defense. Steps were easy to understand and had fun learning at the same time! Would recommend to anyone in a heart beat!


Agustina Secades

El curso de introducción por la defensa personal por la mujeres es de gran ayuda para mi. He aprendido cosas que no sabía. La técnicas son efectiva y fácil par a aprender y efectuar. El instructor es muy paciente y convincente en las demostraciones de las técnicas. Muchas gracias.


Catherine Moran

Mr. Schinasi provided a self defense lecture and demonstration for a local women’s group. His preparation was excellent and his delivery of the information clear and comprehensive. I would recommend him without hesitation.


Laura Kowalczyk

My two teenage daughters and I had an amazing experience with Falcon. David not only taught us real-life self defense techniques but also empowered us all to confidently protect ourselves if needed. My two daughters are now personally well-equipped to protect themselves in their daily lives and especially at college. I have a peace of mind that, should they need to, they can tap into their training and handle scenarios that none of us like to imagine but are a real threat for young women. I highly recommend everyone, male or female, train with David so you all can be empowered, too. It is a gift we should all give ourselves!


Cindy Juzbasich

David provided training to my daughters and their friends and my friend. My youngest daughter was getting ready to leave home for college and I wanted to make sure that she was in some ways prepared for her adventure out into the world. David discussed and provided explicit training in protection but also gave advice on how to make good choices to ensure safety. I really appreciated his experience and the techniques but also the confidence he instilled.


I have ordered a gun safety and a basic gun training with Falcon Professional Security & Training LLC for my 12 year old son, and I could not be more happy with the outcome. My son is into guns, and I wanted to make sure he knows how to handle them safely and responsibly. This company had provided a very professional,safe,and age appropriate training for my son. I also have learned few things along the way while supervising. I highly recommend this class to anyone, who wants to improve their gun handling skills.
A friend has advised me to take self-defense training, not a typical self defense course, a special training made by Falcon. I thought that he was joking, that’s been the true: a training give by an Israeli school security expert thought outdoors in real places. I did a special training, very special. I never found and did in my entire life nothing like that.
Falcon was patient and constant to take me to be independent for my personal security. I learn a lot important interesting things. With Falcon‘s school I did an articulate training, taking care of all the technical, psychological, physical and behavioral aspects.
Venice, 2012
Falcon is a high level professional; even if he doesn’t want to show it. His reserved behavior is synonym of guaranty, professionalism and importance. I have to be sincere, this training was really exhausting but I don’t regret it.