Our courses are composed of physical exercises and practical simulations that are based on real events. Only by using a training based on real situations and under a high level of mental stress, we can allow the student to react fast and respond to an attack more effectively. The brain and the body, when trained under stress on a regular basis, can automatically respond to an unconventional type of situation. With the right technique, practiced under stress, and with real-world scenarios, the rate of neutralization and self-survival can increase.


Our techniques consist of a developed system that includes also advanced techniques from Krav-Maga and Haganah, that have been taught specifically to Israeli military and some Israeli Police special units, and is composed by simples but effective techniques that have been tested and used daily in various fields of combat. The training also includes an introduction to body language, theoretical strategies, and physical security doctrines that can prevent, deter, and neutralize criminal, and terrorist activities.