Empowerment Level 2

Empowerment Level 2

Empowerment Level 2 is a self-defense training of 10 hours divided into 2 hours per week for a duration of 5 weeks. This intermediate women’s combat training has in total of 1 hour of lecture and 9 hours of practical exercises.

In Empowerment Level 2 Women are learning how to protect themselves against frontal and rear attacks while standing in a static position. Some attacks happen while being in the same spot (Fitness, circuits, and simulations are part of this program)

Some of the topics taught are:

      • Importance of prevention procedures in the streets
      • What to look for, how we walk, (Safety and Prevention) how to use our body language as a deterrent
      • Reviewing techniques learned in Level 1 training
      • Reviewing techniques against grabbing, pushing, or pulling
      • Techniques against being held on a “Bear hug” attack (360 degrees)
      • Techniques against choking (360 degrees)
      • Side and Rear fall techniques
      • Proper mindset
      • Simulations

Prerequisite: To enroll in Empowerment Level 2, Empowerment Level 1 is mandatory.


One-on-One                                                                                                                                      (10 hours) $599.99


(10 hours) $749.99

Group of 5 people
(10 hours) $1,399.99

Group of 10 people
(10 hours) $1,899.99

Group of 15 people
(10 hours) $2,399.99

Group of 20 people
(10 hours) $2,799.99

Group of 25 people
(10 hours) $3,199.99

Group of 30 people
(10 hours) $3,599.99