High-Risk Security

High-Risk Security

High-Risk Security is a course to learn how to conduct armed operations in dangerous world zones where terrorists, criminals, or gang members are located. High-Risk Security is the combat of multiple levels: an open environment, and a chaotic or enclosed area. Therefore, challenging factors in urban combat are the presence of civilians and the complexity of the terrain: trees, cars, buildings, and doors.

During high-security operations, it can be difficult to distinguish regular people from bad guys such as militias and gangs.  For example, individuals who are simply trying to protect their homes from attackers or the good guys.

The three-dimensional environment complicates the operational target. Fire and smoke reduce the view of fields and buildings. the perfect enhanced concealment and cover for terrorists, below-ground infrastructure, and the ease of placement of booby traps and snipers.

 High-Risk Security training is designed to improve armed and unarmed combats in unconventional situations. This training is for civilians contracted in high-level risk countries.

Our main topics are:

    • Combat self-defense against multiple attackers
    • Disarming/Arresting techniques
    • Techniques of combat for any environment
    • Self-defense in a train, ship, bus, and airplane
    • Physical training
    • Physical Endurance
    • Weapon safety procedures
    • Body stances


Most importantly, the goal of this course is to develop combat skills and a level of confidence with and without a weapon. This is a course for the professional’s mind. The participant of this course should gain tremendous confidence and skill with or without a weapon. As a result, we cover extensively urban warfare techniques such as cornering, firing from various covers, and room entries.

Skill Prerequisites:


Ammunition Requirements:
500 rounds of ammunition


Semi-automatic pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, safety glasses, ear protection, running shoes, t-shirt, shirt, jacket, and jeans or tactical pants.


Classroom outdoor and on the range

The number of attendees:


Course Length:

7 Days / approximately 42 plus hours. 6 hours per day.

Individual Training Price: