Professional Combat


professional combat

FALCON’s Professional Combat system (only for security professionals and law enforcement officers) is a developed advanced combat system originated from Krav-Maga and other Mix Martial Arts.

The techniques have been redesigned specifically for security and public safety sector. These techniques, that have been used in the last four decades most by Israeli security (Shin Bet) in the fight against terrorism and crime, can be effective to neutralize deadly, or violent physical attacks when unarmed or during undercover operations.

FALCON’s Professional Combat training is not a sport, and there are no specific uniforms worn by the students. This training has been specifically designed for security professionals, military personnel, and for individuals that want to make a career change in the law-enforcement or security field. All the techniques focus on maximum efficiency in real-life conditions.

FALCON’s Professional Combat generally assumes that the person attacking will not give time and space; therefore, as a response, the attack and the defense are intended only for use in potentially lethal threat situations with the aim to neutralize, escape as rapidly, and safely as possible.

FALCON’s Professional Combat training is divided into 3 training’s level: Professional 1, Professional 2, and Full Professional.

Professional Level 1 is a one-day crash course of 6 hours divided into 1-hour lecture and 5 hours of practical techniques.

Price: $ 399.99

Professional Level 2 is a training of 10 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 5 weeks.

Price: $ 699.99

Full Professional Level 3 is a training of 20 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 10 weeks.

Price: $ 1,199.99

All courses are comprised of a course overview; class schedule; and instruction in a combination of basic concepts and specific techniques, in a fun, safe, and supportive environment, women will learn how to respond both mentally and physically using simple, effective measures.