Active Shooting Incident Response


Active Shooting Incident Response (ASIR)

Active Shooting Incident Response (ASIR) is a training that has been designed specifically for Law Enforcement, First Responders, and Armed Security Officers to learn how to respond effectively to an Active Shooting Incident (ASI) or an armed terrorist attack.

The officers to be able to respond effectively to these kinds of situations, they need to have knowledge of the civilian’s Active Shooting Incident Response Management (ASIRM) and the Emergency Active Plan (EAP) that has been created to assist and give options to the people inside an infrastructure that is not armed.

When active shooting incidents are happening, it usually takes up to ten minutes to Police Officers or First responders to reach the threat location. However, if armed security officers, that are already stationed inside a building, are well trained and know exactly what to do, they can respond and neutralize the threat much faster and reduce the percentage of victims.

FALCON’s Active Shooting Incident Response (ASIR) training has been designed to effectively training Security Officers to safely use firearms inside locations where civilians are present and moving forward the threat to be neutralized.

Only for: Law enforcement/Armed Security Officers.

Objective: The goal of this course is to develop combat skills and level of confidence with a weapon. This is a course designed with the security professional in mind.

The participant of this course should gain tremendous confidence and skill with a weapon. Israeli techniques such as cornering, firing from various covers and room entries will be covered extensively.

Skill Prerequisites: Be able to run, standing for long hours.

Course Length: 2 Days / approximately 16 plus hours

Price:  $ 799.99

Some of the main topics are: