Micro Roni X G4 L/B



Micro Roni G4 X Long Brace with Magazine Holder


Micro Roni X G4 Long Stab includes the new, longer stabilizer brace. Fits Gen 3,4 & 5 (with bottom Picatinny rail) Glock 17,19,22,23,31,32, Glock 19X Gen 5 and TRUGLO TFX.

Micro Roni X G4 Long Stab is designed to give you a better grip, stability, and platform to many accessories. Use your pistol for a greater effective range, faster aiming, and better accuracy. The Micro Roni Stab for Glock Conversion Kit is a great option to use if you want to be better with your self-defense skills, it can be used in various positions and in a perfectly convenient way!

If you are looking to upgrade your Glock to be more than just a pistol, the micro Roni stab is the perfect fit, it is fast transforming and it gives a lot of advantages that are described below! With the Glock Carbine Conversion Kit, you can use your pistol and feel like you are holding a rifle with benefits.

Specifically designed for the US market – No NFA requirements.

Original Micro-Roni‘s product is Made in Israel by CAA Industries.

This Micro Roni does not include additional accessories that are in the picture. This model comes originally with separate grips, a triangular and a holder magazine. (Look upon the pictures)

Price Was: $349.99

Special price now:  $249.99 


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Micro-Roni X G4 Stab

This version doesn’t require an SBR Tax Stamp!

You’ve heard of the Glock Carbine Conversion Kit called Micro Roni Stab, people have said that it is one of the best upgrades for your Glock, and now you are interested in getting more information about it, to understand what does it do and how does it helps you with using your Glock? Well, my friend, you came to the right place! here you can find all the information about the Glock Carbine Conversion Kit from CAA Gear Up – the Micro Roni Stab for Glock 17,22,31.


      • Micro Roni Stabilizer Equipped with a right-folding stabilizing brace.
      • The brace is firmly fastened on the user’s forearm with an adjustable nylon strap.
      • It provides stability and enhances performance during single-handed shooting.
      • No pistol disassembly required – just drop it into the kit and lock within seconds.
      • A long Picatinny rail – allows combining two devices (i.e. red-dot, backup sights, magnifier or NVG).
      • Two extra right and left Picatinny rails for mounting additional accessories.
      • Ambidextrous, easy, and fast charging handle.
      • Ambidextrous trigger-guard safety.
      • Right and left serrated thumb-rests for better control on recoil and muzzle-rise.
      • Front integral tactical light (optional).
      • A right-folding stock for easy concealment and carry, yet the pistol keeps the same operations (grip, cock, and shoot).



Dimensions and Weights

      • Made Of: Polymer + Aluminum + Rubber
      • Weight (gr): 710
      • Length Open Stock (cm): 55.00
      • Length Folded Stock (cm): 37.50
      • Width Max (cm): 6.30
      • Height Max (cm): 15.5