Security Officers

Security Officers

Security Officers

Our Security Officers are former U.S. Military and professional security contractors. We have unarmed and armed personnel that we rigorously screen, select, and train to ensure that the greatest professionalism will be delivered to our clients. Our guards are fully licensed by the DCJS and by SOMB. They are professionals with experience and procedures used by security and law enforcement agencies in the US and Israel.

Falcon also trains its officers in the tradition of Israel’s long-standing and proven anti-terrorism and security methods. This not only includes firearms training but a blended Krav-Maga, Haganah, and Defensive Tactics system that is proprietary to Falcon.

Officers Professionalism

All of our security officers have been rigorously screened for professionalism, integrity, and ethical and moral awareness. We have confidence that the security professionals we provide to you, will fulfill your security and safety needs in a professional manner.

Officers Quality

We like to provide the best service to our customers. Our service is efficient, quick, and friendly. Therefore, we build strong business relationships with our customers. When a problem arises, we handle it quickly and respond accordingly. Quality customer service is our number one objective.

Officers Ethics

Ethics are very important to our company. Therefore, we care about what is good for our clients. As a result, we provide them with a service that has rights, responsibilities, and moral decisions. While our ethics are not only about the morality of a particular course of action, we are also about the goodness of officers, and what it means to act accordingly. As a result,  If our security officers are acting properly, it would lead them to the right conclusion, and the best solution.

Officers Integrity

To be part of Team Falcon, you need to have high integrity. Therefore, we choose officers that are doing the right thing in a reliable way. Therefore, It’s a personality trait that we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. Falcon’s officers have a “wholeness” of character.  They keep their words and commitments. Above all, they pay attention to details, they take responsibility, they respect others, and they stay focused.

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Security Services Packages

Further,  we offer our new clients, security packages. Our Security packages are Essential, Plus, and Premium. They offer basic to advanced features that can improve the quality of service or helps to resolve security challenges clients are facing.

Falcon Essential

Falcon Plus

Falcon Premium

 We provide services to:

      • Colleges/University
      • Offices
      • Retail Stores
      • Shopping Malls
      • Residential Communities
      • Clinics
      • Offices