External Body Armor Level IIIA 2 Sapi Plates IV STA

External Body Armor Level IIIA 2 Sapi Plates IV STA

External Body Armor Level IIIA 2 SAPI Plates IV STA, is a Tactical Body Armor Vest for police and security uses. The external vest has the protection of level IIIA and is designed and manufactured for the best protection of the wearer while keeping it comfortable while on duty.

The External Body Armor IIIA 2 SAPI Plates Level IV STA is designed and manufactured for the best protection of the wearer while keeping it comfortable for wearing while on duty or during everyday activities. In addition, this vest comes with 2 SAPI plates level IV (4). Allows for maximum versatility and multi-hits protection from rifle. SAPI Plate Level IV B4C STA  can be worn without buying body armor. In other words, if you already have an empty vest you can just purchase this plate and insert it. The plates are made out of Boron carbide (B4C).


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External Body Armor Level IIIA 2 SAPI Plates IV STA


    • The vest is assembled on the front and back parts making it possible to split. Therefore, a flexible system of fixing by shoulder bands and waist flaps with Hook & loop fasteners.
    • The External body armor level IIIA has two outer pockets, one on the front and one on the rear side of the vest for additional ballistic panels of size 250 x 300 mm. Therefore, this is upgrading the protection level of the vest.
    • For instance, the design of the vest makes it possible to remove ballistic protection panels (soft and hard) to clean the vest.
    • In addition, the covers of the vest and the soft ballistic panels are visibly marked by a label containing the below-listed details:

Soft ballistic panels:

SAPI Plate Level IV STA comes in several different grades which delineate the purposes that it is best suited for. This order comes with one or two plates. For instance, Boron carbide (B4C) plate is made by using the hardest man-made materials utilized in lots of fields. It is the third hardest chemical compound, ranking after diamond and cubic boron nitride (formula CBN). Boron carbide is a dark black crystal, so it is also called “black diamond”. This strong material does not exist in nature, and could only be obtained from boron and carbon in a furnace.

Stand Alone Level IV (4) Technical details:

      • A plate is made out of Boron carbide (B4C)
      • Manufactured with lightweight, durable, Kevlar fabric
      • Includes a fabric waterproof cover made out of Cordura by DuPont.
      • Protection level IV (4).

This hard material is mainly characterized by:

    • High Hardness: The most hardness of boron carbide is between 9 and 10. Such stiffness and strength help boron carbide get the nickname “black diamond”.
    • Low Density: It has a low density of about 2.52 g/cm3 in the solidified form. Such lower density makes boron carbide a lighter choice for armor making.
    • Chemical Inertness: Boron carbide rarely reacts with other chemicals. Such chemical stability leads to plenty of applications for this substance.
    • Nuclear Ability: Boron carbide has a high cross-section to capture neutrons. So the boron carbide substance could serve as a neutron absorber and neutron detector in nuclear reactors.

 Warranty, Specific Requests:

    • Soft Ballistic protection properties  5 years manufacturer’s warranty.
    • Hard Armor Plate have 10 years warranty.
    • Vest carrier warranty is effective for 12 months after delivery against manufacturing defects that might be found by the user.

National Institute of Justice Standards Levels of Protection

Ballistic NIJ Levels