Executive Team

Executive Team

Our Executive Team has a half-century of combined experience and professionalism in the security and education sector. Therefore, our Executive Team’s main objective is to provide high-quality training and effective security services. We have clients in the US and worldwide.

The Executive Team’s vision is to provide great and professional security services to people that need protection.  Above all, is to provide high-standard levels of education to all security personnel from every sector. Most of our classes offer realistic simulations and our instructors’ team is always testing new techniques and solutions.

The Team believes that with the proper knowledge and available technology, security officers are prone to respond more effectively to new criminal and terror attacks. Because of this mindset, corporations acquire more confidence to hire security companies with a high level of expertise.

David Schinasi

David Schinasi                                                                                          President/Chief Executive Officer

David is fluent in five languages, has multiple experiences in undercover surveillance, and anti-terrorism combat.

For instance, he is also an expert in operational self-defense, women’s self-defense instruction, combat tactics for security professionals, combat shooting, and armed and unarmed executive protection.

He is a proud veteran of Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and a highly-trained security specialist with 30 years of security experience.

David has several certifications from the security field. For instance, he has instruction diplomas in self-defense, women’s self-defense tactics, from an Israeli company recognized by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. He is graduated in Counter-terrorism Studies from the American Military University (AMU).


Nathir Ahmad

Nathir Ahmad                                                                                                  Executive Vice President/Director  of the  Academy

Mr. Ahmad has dedicated his adult life to management and education in physical security operations investigations and law enforcement strategies.

He has successfully conducted training programs to law enforcement and physical security organizations in the federal, state and local governments for over 33 years.

For instance, Mr. Ahmad has experience in anti-terrorism, non-lethal and harmful weapons, defensive tactics, personal protection, investigations, and professional communications. Therefore, Mr. Ahmad has also expertise in law, use of force, report writing and numerous other industry-related disciplines.

Above all, he constantly develops comprehensive training programs and systems. He spends countless hours delivering education through instructional security capacities to law enforcement and private agencies.

As an FBI Citizen Academy Alumni and Criminal Justice practitioner, Mr. Ahmad advocates regularly for the Department of Criminal Justice Services.

In other words, he is securing the public safety and welfare against incompetent, unqualified, persons.  He is a proud veteran, having served honorably in the United States Military.