Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is the medium of protecting computers, servers, mobile devices, electronic systems, networks, and data from virulent attacks. Therefore, Cyber Security is also known as information technology security or digital information security.

 “Are you confident your business is not a target?”

Businesses in every sector whether from banking, retail, and telecom to government, all have valuable assets or “Crown Jewels” that hackers want. It could be company PII or sensitive data that is critical for business operations. We know what hackers see. The dark web is the core of cybercriminal activity, providing the ideal space for cybercriminals to share information and collaborate as they plan their next cyber attack according to Epcyber our business partner.

It’s a thriving industry inside this robust underground market, with threat actors exchanging billions of dollars worth of information, breached accounts, hacking tools, and “as-a-service” offers.

Without access to and a clear vision of the primary area of cybercriminal operations, businesses are compelled to adopt a reactive cybersecurity posture, getting cyber threat alerts only after an attack has already launched and their data is leaked.

Every day over 30,000 businesses are hacked because of non-secure web development, leading to:

    • Reputational damage
    • Revenue loss
    • Client loss
    • Data theft
    • Cyber attacks
    • Vulnerabilities in technology

During the year 2020, The FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3) received a record number of complaints from the American public only. For instance,  791,790, with losses exceeding $4.1 billion. it is a 69% increase in total complaints from 2019. Business E-mail Compromise (BEC) schemes were the costliest: 19,369 complaints with an adjusted loss of approximately $1.8 billion.   241,342 complaints of phishing scams, with adjusted losses of over $54 million. 2,474 incidents of ransomware incidents in 2020.

Our Professional Team

Our cyber Security assessments are executed by ex-military cyber intelligence experts.  Therefore, they utilize the latest and most robust technologies, techniques, and expertise in the field. For instance, they operate HUMINT avatars across the multilingual clear, deep, and dark web invite-only forums and communities that actively engage with hackers to get valuable insight for your proactive security resilience.