Active Shooting Incident Response Management (ASIRM)

 Active Shooting Incident Response Management (ASIRM)

Active Shooting Incident Response Management (ASIRM) is teaching how to develop survival skills while not having access to a weapon. Therefore, during a shooting situation, an active shooter or terrorist wants to kill or attempts to kill as many people as possible.

Therefore, Active Shooting Incident Response Management (ASIRM) mentally and physically prepares employees to respond to an ASI. For instance, first Responders learn critical insight on how to deal with civilians’ responses.

Active Shooting Incidents (ASI), happen suddenly and rapidly changing dynamics. Therefore, during these violent situations, employees need an emergency plan and are ready to effectively respond. For instance, ASIRM provides critical knowledge and direction to managers, employees, and unarmed security officers to respond appropriately.


The goal of this course is to develop survival skills and a level of confidence without a weapon. Therefore, this is a course for the civilian mindset. Finally, the participant in this course should gain tremendous confidence and survival skills without a weapon.

Course Length:

2 Days / approximately 16 plus hours with the option of a third day for unarmed security officers to do the professional unarmed combat.

Workshop Objectives:

      • Difference between an Active Shooting Incident (ASI) and a terrorist attack
      • Psychology and motives of shooters
      • Risk factors
      • Toxic Culture, Mental Health, and the Media’s Role
      • Real active shooting incidents and specific examples
      • Prevention Strategies
      • Human Resources Responsibilities
      • Potential workplace violence
      • “Red flags”
      • Facility Manager Responsibilities
      • Response Strategies
      • Individuals with Special Needs and/or Disabilities
      • Communicate with 911 and React to Law Enforcement arrival
      • Law Enforcement and Rescue Team Objectives
      • Recovery Response to a post-ASI
      • Effective Emergency Active Plan (EAP)
      • Prepare and train all employees

Length of the workshop:

Day 1 and Day 2 of the workshop will be for civilian staff.

For instance, the third day is dedicated only to the Security Officers. Therefore, they will learn the unarmed combat system and techniques related to the security building’s procedures and the ASI.

Primary Audience:

Managers, employees, general civilian staff, and security officers.

Group prices:

Group of 5 people

Group of 10  people

Group of 20  people

Group of 30  people