Security Consulting

Security Consulting

We provide the full spectrum of Security Consulting. For instance, our services range from home protection to small business security.

For instance, we also offer various professional services to the private, public,  and military sectors. We are servicing Virginia and the District of Columbia for security officers and consulting nationwide.

Consulting Services:

    • Threat Assessment
    • Home Security Assessment
    • Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED)
    • Ballistic and Intrusion Windows Films
    • Security Access
    • School Security Building
    • Small Business Security Assessment
    • Cyber Security
    • Personal Security Assessment (self-defense, firearms Training, CPR, First Aid)
    • Building Security (design security features)
    • Home Fortification


Our security consultants have been rigorously screened for professionalism, integrity, and ethical and moral awareness. Therefore, we have confidence that their security service will fulfill your security and safety needs in a professional manner.


We like to provide the best service to our customers. Our service is efficient, quick, and friendly. Therefore, we build strong business relationships with our customers. When a problem arises, we handle it quickly and respond accordingly. Quality customer service is our number one objective.


Ethics are critical to our company. Therefore, we care about what is good for our clients. As a result, we provide them with a service that has rights, responsibilities, and moral decisions. While our ethics are not only about the morality of a particular course of action, they are also about the goodness of officers, and what it means to act accordingly. As a result,  If our security officers are acting properly, it would lead them to the right conclusion, and the best solution.


To be part of Team Falcon, you need to have high integrity, for instance, we choose officers that are doing the right thing in a reliable way. Therefore, It’s a personality trait we admire, since it means a person has a moral compass that doesn’t waver. Falcon’s officers have a “wholeness” of character.  They keep their words and commitments. Above all, they pay attention to the details, they take.