Empowerment Level 1

Empowerment Level 1

Empowerment Level 1 is a women’s combat program for 6 hours (one day course) of a total of 2 hours of lectures and 4 hours of practical exercises. In this class women, will learn prevention strategies, safety procedures, and how to protect their selves against basic frontal attacks while standing. (There is no fitness involved in this class)

Some of the topics taught are:

  • Introduction to self-defense

  • Safety and Prevention

  • Women fight is different from the men

  • Importance of prevention procedures in the streets

  • Body language as a deterrent

  • Frontal basic stances

  • Frontal basic hands strikes

  • Front basic kicks

  • Front basic blocks

  • Frontal techniques against being grabbed, pulled, pushed

  • Frontal techniques against being choked

  • Frontal techniques against being hold on a “Bear hug” attack

  • Proper mindset

  • Simulations

Individual Price: $ 299.99

Group of 5 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $699.99

Group of 10 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $ 999.99

Group of 15 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $ 1299.99

Group of 20 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $ 1,399.99

Group of 25 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $ 1,599.99

Group of 30 people
Empowerment Level 1 (6 hours) $ 1,799.99

Class Payments:

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Payments Options:

Option 1: Payment in FULL of one class (Receive a 5% discount) (Note: The 5% is not applied to Saving Packages)

Option 2: Payment in FULL of two or more classes (Receive a 10% discount) (Note: The 10% is not applied to Saving Packages)

Savings Packages Options:

Option 1: Two payments (Only when the total is more than $350)

Option 2: Three payments (Only when the total is more than $1500)