External Body Armor 3A 2 SAPI Plates Level III+ ICW

External Body Armor 3A 2 SAPI Plates Level III+ ICW

External Body Armor 3A 2 SAPI Plates Level III+ ICW full face and rear plate Level III+ (3 Plus), is a Body Armor Vest for police and civil uses.

The External Body Armor 3A 2 SAPI Plate Level III+ ICW has a design and a concept for the best protection of the wearer while keeping it comfortable while on duty, or during everyday activities.  Therefore, this vest comes with 2  plates level III (3). For instance, it allows for maximum versatility.


      • Therefore, the vest is assembled on the front and back parts making it possible to split. Therefore, a flexible system of fixing shoulder bands and waist flaps with Hook & loop fasteners.
      • It has 2 outer pockets, one on the front and one on the rear side of the vest for additional ballistic panels of full-face ICW level III+.
      • The design of the vest makes it possible to remove ballistic protection panels and hard plates for cleaning a vest.


 Warranty, Specific Requests

      • Ballistic protection properties are kept for 10 years when used according to the manufacturer’s warranty.
      • For instance, the vest carrier warranty is effective for 12 months after delivery against manufacturing defects that the user might find.

Hard ballistic plates :

SAPI Plate Level III+ ICW

Technical details:

      • In Conjunction With (ICW)
      • Ballistic material: Ceramic Composite
      • The protection level is III according to NIJ interim requirements 0101.04.
      • Size Front: 412 X 340 mm ± 5.
      • Size Back: 370 X 410 mm ± 5.
      • Weight Front: 3.22 Kg ± 0.1
      • Weight Back: 3.75 Kg  ± 0.1
      • Multi- Curved
      • Cover: Polyester / Cordura


      • Material- EVA Foam coated with two plies of polycarbonate
      • Weight- ±150 gr.
      • Size- 150 X 200 mm

National Institute of Justice Standards Level of Protection

Ballistic NIJ Levels