Locksmith is the science and art of making and defeating locks. For instance, Locksmith is a traditional trade and in many countries requires completion of a professional apprenticeship.

Therefore, our Locksmith team have received the proper training and the  level of formal education required by the State of Virginia. The experienced Locksmith’s team at Falcon, has the skills and tools needed to provide all manner of security installations.

As regular lock and key brands from major companies are easy to break through, and enter a house can be done in less than a minute, we have decided to promote, and install Bowley Locks, from a Canadian company that is focused on providing affordable, ultra high security locks.

From residentials to  commercials building, we install locks and security hardware. Therefore, if you have been locked out of your home, we also offer emergency lockout services. You can rely on us any day, any time.


We like to provide the best service to our customers. Our locksmith service is efficient, quick, and friendly. Therefore, we build strong business relationships with our customers. When a problem arises, we handle it quickly and respond accordingly. Quality customer service is our number one objective.


Ethics are also very important to our company. Therefore, we care about what is good for our clients. As a result, we provide them with a service that has rights, responsibilities, and moral decisions. While our ethics are not only about the morality of a particular course of action, are also about the goodness of officers, and what it means to act accordingly. As a result,  If our security officers are acting properly, it would lead them to the right conclusion, and the best solution.

If you need installation of any lock or hardware brands or you would like to know more about Bowley Locks, please contact us by filling  out our contact form below.