Video Surveillance


Video Surveillance

Video surveillance and alarm monitoring are critical solutions to individuals and companies that need a secure environment. Therefore, the use of effective video and alarm capabilities is reducing the cost of a physical guard presence and fault alarms.

Furthermore, our partner’s company has a team of 200 employees across India, the United Kingdom, and Dubai, providing specialized and affordable services to clients across the globe. The team is trained to use industry-standard video surveillance and alarm monitoring software such as, but not limited to – Insight, Exacqvision, VideoIQ, VG Analog, Milestone, Immix, etc.

With experienced agents that handle these services, from a different time zone, is becoming cost-effective for the client. For instance, the time difference allows others to work efficiently literally when clients are at sleep.

Video Retrieval

We specialize in the identification of specific instances like theft of goods, accidents, damage to goods or property, etc. Therefore, our team of experienced agents works on video retrieval requests from clients in auto dealerships, salvage yards, etc. For instance, agents combine hundreds of hours of video to identify specific incidents. Finally, upon finding these instances, they retrieve the recording from the software and create hyperlinks for the video recordings, which clients will review and verify.

Alarm Clearance

Our team of highly trained and experienced agents can clear pending alarms from a queue. For instance, a very high percentage of alarms that monitoring agents have to deal with are non-relevant alarms. Those are alarms that do not have a person present or alarms that are false or triggered because of a mistake, or a faulty sensor. Even more, our professional team can take care of false alarms, as a result of which agents at our client’s site can deal with urgent alarms.

Some of the services:

    • Video Analytics
    • CCTV Monitoring
    • Video Retrievals
    • Technical Support
    • Front End And Back End Support
    • Security & Fire Alarm Monitoring
    • Intruder & Burglar Alarm Monitoring