CAA Industries

Micro Roni Training Israel


Founded in 2004, CAA Industries is a long-established designer, developer and world-class producer of modern tactical accessories, optics, tools, and upgrades targeting the Armed Forces, Law Enforcement and firearm enthusiasts across the globe.

CAA Industries is proud to have invented many modern tactical accessories that have become the benchmark for the firearm industry. Therefore, CAA outfits firearms for maximum performance in any environment. In addition, our innovative products improve your accuracy, grip, aim, and enhance balance and performance. Finally, when equipping your firearm with our range of accessories, the user’s daily operations will become fluid and consistent.

CAA Industries is home to the most compact and durable PDW converter available in the conversion market. The original Micro RONI® with the “Trigger Guard” has a five-point ergonomic weapon grip. In addition, it has a one-point tactical sling adapter and a fold-to-the side compact buttstock with rubber butt-pad.

CAA Industries is home to the most innovative conversion kits design that can secure and allows a pistol to be locked to the chassis in both the front and back. Therefore, it makes it a though system and a Real Warrior of Personal Defense. The Micro RONI® has a Lifetime Warranty.

Warning!!! Lately, a conversion kit that looks like the Micro Roni has surfaced in the US under the name “MCK”; The MCK is unsafe and dangerous to use, it doesn’t include a trigger guard (which already caused an unintended discharge last week) and is not related to CAA  at all!

MCK” is not a CAA Industries product!, whoever sells it uses its good name to attract sales which is a clear violation of the CAA trademark.