Falcon's Academy

The Academy is divided into departments: Virginia Department of Criminal Justices Services (VA-DCJS), District of Columbia (DC), Federal Protective Services (FPS), Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Firearms, and Self-defense.

VA-DCJS Department is designed to provide specific private security services education and operational security procedures based on the Code and regulations of Virginia. We have classes for Unarmed and Armed Security officers, Personal Protection Specialist, Private Investigators, and Special Conservator of the Peace.

DC Department is designed to provide specific security classes and training to individuals that will be contracted to work in the District of Columbia.

FPS Department provides classes that range from basic to advanced training to educate the future federal protective officers to work for federal companies as contractors.

Self-Defense Department is providing specific training to women and men. Our techniques have been designed to allow the student to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Firearms Department is providing additional training to Law enforcement, security officers using advanced methods of practical armed and unarmed self-defense techniques, that have been tested in Israel and overseas. Those techniques have been taught to police and military units in various part of the world during wars, combats, and prevent terrorist attacks. Falcon’s approach is to teach how to effectively prevent terrorist attacks to happen. This department also provides basic firearms training to apply for a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW0 Permit.

EMS Department is designed to help individuals, private, public and federal organizations to learn proper emergency techniques and create effective Emergency Response Teams that will respond to any medical emergency that their organization is facing in case of an environmental, medical emergency, active shooting or terrorism-related situation.


Northern Virginia