Falcon's Academy

The Academy consist of specialized departments with high-quality courses recognized by the most public and federal institutions in the US.

Our licensed departments consist of the Virginia Department of Criminal Justices Services (VA-DCJS), DC-SOMB, and Federal Protective Services (FPS).

Emergency Medical Team (EMT), Firearms, and Self-defense departments provide extra-educational curriculum for civilians and security professionals.

The VA-DCJS Department offers specific private security services education and operational security procedures based on the Code and regulations of Virginia.

DCJS Classes

The DC Department provides specific security classes and training to individuals that will be work in the District of Columbia.

Federal Protection Service

The FPS Department provides classes that range from basic to advanced training to educate the future federal protective officers to work for the federal government.

ICE Firearms Qualification Preparation Course

The Self-Defense Department offers specific combat training to civilians and professionals.


The Firearms Department provides extra educational training that ranges from basic to advanced armed methods to law abiding citizens, law enforcement, and security officers.

Car Shooting

The Emergency Medical Team (EMT) Department provide private, public and federal organizations with proper emergency techniques and procedures.

Emergency Response Teams need to know how to respond effectively to any medical emergency under environmental, or active shooting threats.