Men Combat Tactics

Men's Combat Tactics

Men Combat Tactics system originates from the Israeli self-defense system Krav Maga, Hisardut, and other mix-martial arts techniques.  Therefore, the techniques have been redesigned specifically for civilians that want to learn how to protect themselves and others.

In addition, these techniques have been used in the last decades by people to defend themselves against violent physical attacks.

Men’s Combat Tactics training is not a sport and not a typical dojo-style activity. Therefore, there are no specific uniforms for the students. This training has been specifically for men.

All the techniques focus on maximum efficiency in real-life conditions. Men’s Combat Tactics training generally assumes that the person attacking will not give time and space. Therefore, as a response, the attack and the defense are only for the use of potentially lethal threat situations with the aim to neutralize, and escape as rapidly, and safely as possible.

However, it is important to demonstrate to the student how to control the power of the strike and technique. The student learns techniques for every circumstance. While there are techniques to use in life-threatening situations, we need to keep into consideration the legal system of each country we live in and how to respond to any physical confrontation.

Men’s Combat Tactics course is for civilians and businessmen that travel or work frequently without a weapon in dangerous countries and wish to learn effective methods of unarmed self-defense in different environments.

The techniques have been rigorously selected and tested through real-life experiences in the military, police, and private security sectors. For instance, this training is specifically for men’s self-defense. (This system is not a typical martial art)

Please review our training requirements before applying for this class.

Our main topics are:

      • Self-defense against multiple attackers
      • Disarming
      • Techniques against knife attacks
      • Techniques against chocking attacks
      • Endurance

The program has 4 training levels: Level 1, Level 2,  Level 3, and Full Immersion.

Individual Prices:

Men Combat Tactics Level 1 is a one-day crash course of 4 hours of practical techniques and fitness exercises.

Price: $ 249.99

Men Combat Tactics Level 2 it’s a training of 10 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 5 weeks.

Price: $ 599.99

Men Combat Tactics Level 3 it’s a training of 20 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 10 weeks.

Price: $ 999.99

Full Combat Immersion it’s a training of 14 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 7 weeks.

 Price: $ 699.99