Cyber Security Department

Cyber Security Department

Our Cyber Security Department, in partnership with EPCYBER, specializes in OSINT and INTELLIGENCE training for civilians, law enforcement professionals, and private investigators nationwide and worldwide. For instance, this training teaches professionals to protect critical systems and sensitive information from digital attacks.

In addition, our Cyber Security Department is composed of effective courses in cybersecurity measures designed to combat threats against networked systems and applications, from inside or outside of an organization. For instance, we offer training through our business’s partner EPCYBER that provides highly professional knowledge and expertise on different intelligence and cyber security levels.



    • Dark web Investigator (DWI) Course $ 1,500.00 USD


    • Cyber Threat Intelligence Foundation (CTIF) Course $ 1,500.00 USD

    • Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst (CTIA) Course $ 3,300.00 USD


    • Attack Surface Foundation Course $999 USD

    • Advanced Attack Surface Collection Course $1,500 USD

Who can Attend :
Investigators, Law enforcement, and Cyber-crime fighters.
All courses focus on OSINT – open source intelligence gathering techniques, methods, tools, and workflows (knowledge sharing from the lens of various verticals in the cybersecurity field, e.g., investigators, threat intelligence, offensive security practitioners, etc… Together all 3 courses will ensure the student understands the entire workflow of detection, collection, and analysis of threats on all facets of OSINT