Women’s Empowerment


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Women’s Empowerment is one of the most effective women’s self-defense systems that we offer.  Therefore, this program is unique for the women’s body structure and their psychological response to the male attacks.

Women’s Empowerment gives women a critical knowledge and survival techniques. Therefore, they learn effectively how to prevent dangerous situations by knowing what to look for and using visual prevention strategies.  And, moreover, women learn how to detect the attacker body language and to use the appropriate technique to respond.

Women’s Empowerment gives women confidence and important self-defense strategies that can help them to survive a lethal psychological and physical attack.

This program progression-based training is divided into three programs:

Empowerment Level 1

A one-day crash course of 6 hours. (Minimal Fitness)

Empowerment Level 2

10 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 5 weeks. (Fitness involved)

Full Empowerment Level 3

20 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 10 weeks. (Fitness involved)

All Women’s Empowerment training includes a course overview; class schedule; and instruction in a combination of basic concepts and specific techniques, in a fun, safe, and supportive environment. Most importantly, women learn how to respond mentally and physically using simple, and effective measures.

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