Women’s Empowerment

women's empowerment






Women’s Empowerment system has been re-designed specifically for women body structure and their physiological response to the male attacks. This women’s self-defense program progression-based training divided into three programs: Empowerment Level 1, Empowerment Level 2, and Full Empowerment Level 3.

Empowerment Level 1 is a one-day crash course of 6 hours divided into 2 hours lecture and 4 hours of practical techniques.

Empowerment Level 2 is a training of 10 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 5 weeks.

Full Empowerment Level 3 is a training of 20 hours with 2 hours per week over the duration of 10 weeks.

All courses are comprised of a course overview; class schedule; and instruction in a combination of basic concepts and specific techniques, in a fun, safe, and supportive environment, women will learn how to respond both mentally and physically using simple, effective measures.

Women's self-defense weapons