Israeli Basic Pistol Training


Israeli Basic Pistol Training

Israeli Basic Pistol Training has been created for people that know the pistol basic procedures and want to be more confident while “open carry”. They want to learn the basic gun’s safety and be more confident if they need to use their firearms in a life/death situation while in a static position. During this class, the student will learn also how to clear a gun, how to quickly withdraws his gun out from his holster, how to “cock” the pistol, how to load, point and fire at the targets, reloading and shooting again if necessary. This class is for civilians only. During the entire class, the student will be tested on safety rules and on how to handle safely a loaded gun on the shooting range. (A local criminal background check is required before to sign up for this class) At the end of the training, the student will be examined and he will receive a certificate of completion.


* Pistol Safety Procedures

* Body Stance

* Basic Draw Techniques

* Point at the target and aiming Techniques

* Reloading

Lenght of training: 5 hours

Ammunition Requirements: 100 rounds

Gear: semi-automatic pistol, holster, three magazines, magazine holders, belt, safety glasses, ear protection, running shoes, t-shirt, and pants

Method: 4 hours in a classroom and 2 hours at the ranges.

Number of students: 3-10

Price: Israeli Basic Pistol (5 hours) $ 199.99