Full Empowerment Level 3

Full Empowerment level 3

Full Empowerment Level 3 is a combat’s program of 20 hours of 2 hours per week class for a duration 10 weeks. The entire program is divided into a total of 2 hours of lectures and 18 hours of practical techniques. The Full Empowerment Level 3 is a women’s self-defense combat full immersion where women will learn how to fight while standing statically or while walking or running. In this class, women will learn how to fight on the ground as well and will learn how to respond effectively and aggressively against simple or complexes assaults from every direction. (Fitness, circuits, and simulations are involved in this program)


Empowerment Level 1 and 2 are mandatory programs to enroll in Level 3

Some of the topics taught are:

  • Importance of prevention procedures in the streets
  • What to look for, how we walk, how to use our body language as a deterrent
  • 360 degrees basic stances
  • 360 degrees basic strikes
  • 360 degrees basic kicks
  • 360 degrees basic techniques against being grabbed, pushed, or pulled
  • Rear and sides fall techniques
  • Proper mindset
  • Anti-sexual counter attacks
  • Fighting on the ground
  • One attacker
  • Multiple attackers
  • Anti-Kidnapping techniques
  • Inside a vehicle self-defense techniques