Firearms Department

Firearms Department

Firearms Department offers training that ranges from basic to advanced and practical armed combat techniques that Israeli operatives use in the last four decades.

Our Firearms Department is teaching skills to civilians and law enforcement units in various parts of the world to counter terrorist attacks.

Consequently,  security professionals are using these techniques to prevent violent attacks. Therefore, with the right “Modus Operandi“, Police, Security, and military units can use this system to disrupt the organizational infrastructure of the terrorist cell. The Israeli security approach is to be proactive, prevent, and neutralize terrorist attacks before they happen.


Our Firearms techniques consist of the Israeli art of combat shooting system. For instance,  simples and effective techniques are in use daily in various fields of combat, anti-terrorism, in Israel, and all over the world.

In conclusion, these techniques include an introduction of theoretical strategies and physical security doctrines that can prevent, can deter, and can neutralize criminal, and terrorist activities.


Therefore, our firearms courses have fitness exercises, circuits, and practical simulations that are based on real events. Only by using training based on real situations and under a high level of mental stress, the student can react more effectively and fast to a deadly attack.

Above all, when we train the brain and the body under stress on a regular basis, we can automatically respond to any type of situation. Therefore, with the right technique, and with real-world scenarios, the rate of survival can increase.

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