Self-Defense Department

Self-Defense Department

Our Self-Defense Department offers specialized combat tactics training to civilians and professionals in Northern Virginia and internationally. In addition, our Self-defense Department is composed of effective courses derivative from Israeli Krav-Maga, Haganah, and Hisardut systems.

In other words, our Self-Defense Department offers training on different levels. Therefore, men and women need to learn techniques starting from the basics and then go to advanced combat tactics where weapons might not be accessible.

Our Courses :

Safety and Prevention

The Women’s Safety and Prevention workshop is the first step to learning non-physical and prevention techniques that could help prevent a sudden attack against a woman. Therefore, It is important to understand that a woman’s body structure differs from a man’s, so the combat will be different.

Women’s Empowerment

Women’s Empowerment is one of the most effective women’s self-defense programs that we offer.  Therefore, this is unique for the women’s body structure and their psychological response to the male attacks.

Men’s Combat

Men’s Combat Tactics system originates from Israeli martial art Krav Maga, Hisardut, and other mix-martial arts techniques.  Therefore, the techniques have been redesigned specifically for civilians that want to learn how to protect themselves and others.

Professional Combat

Professional Combat is a system originally from Krav-Maga, Hisardut, and Haganah. Therefore, Israeli Security Services like the police unit, Yamam, or Duvdevan (Cherry) are using these techniques on a daily basis to fight against terrorism and crime.


Our combat system has advanced techniques from Israeli Krav-Maga, Haganah, and Hisardut systems. Therefore, techniques are simple but effective methods.

Above all, we stress to students how it is important to learn visual prevention strategies before learning any physical self-defense techniques and combat doctrines. In conclusion, our self-defense department offers a combat system that with the proper instruction can help to prevent and neutralize criminal, or terror attacks.