Self-defense Department

Combat Tactics

Self-defense Department 

Our Self-defense Department offers combat training to civilians and security professionals in Northern Virginia and all over the world. In addition, our Self-defense Department is composed of effective courses derivative from Israeli Krav-Maga, Haganah and Hisardut systems. In other words, our training is ranging on different levels. Therefore, men and women need to learn techniques starting from the basic and then go to advanced combat tactics where weapons might not be accessible.

Self-defense Department Courses :


Our self-defense system has advanced techniques from Israeli Krav-Maga, Haganah and Hisardut systems. Therefore, techniques are simple but effective methods.  They are in use in real life in a various part of the world by police officers or soldiers. Above all, we stress students how it is important to learn visual prevention strategies before learning any physical self-defense and combat doctrines. In conclusion, our combat system can with the proper instruction prevent and neutralize criminal, and terror attacks.