Women’s Safety and Prevention


Women's Safety and Prevention

Women’s Safety and prevention training is the first step to learn non-physical and prevention techniques that could help prevent a sudden attack. It is important to understand that a woman’s body structure differs from a mans, therefore, the Falcon instructors provide basic knowledge and prevention techniques, designed specifically for women. Falcon’s two-hour training class will cover the information provided below and more.

What does the training include?

Non-Physical and preventive tactics/awareness to prevent becoming a victim.

The Falcon instructors will teach observing techniques, where to look for/how to recognize potential dangers and preventive measures that may deter possible assailants.

Introduction to self-defense and why it is important.
The Falcon instructors will demonstrate different types of attacks and basic counter attacks. This portion of the class will include hands-on training to familiarize the students with the techniques.

The hands-on training will include:
Preventive Procedures, Body Language, Body Stances, Techniques Against Grabbing, and more.

The Women’s Safety and Prevention lecture include: 

  • Introduction to self-defense and why is important for women to learn it in these modern times.
  • Women fight is different from the men, and their techniques are made especially for their body structure.
  • Importance of prevention procedures in the streets.
  • What to looking for, how we walk, how to use our body language as a deterrent.
  • Basic techniques against grabbing.

Group Prices:

Group of 5 people
Safety and Prevention (2 hours) $295.99

Group of 10 people
Safety and Prevention (2 hours) $ 499.99

Group of 20 people
Safety and Prevention (2 hours) $ 799.99

Group of 30 people
Safety and Prevention (2 hours) $ 999.99

Book a Class:

This class is suitable for women (starting 12 yrs +) This class is perfect for businesses promoting safety procedures within their company, as well as individuals seeking to improve their awareness and learn basic safety techniques.

Please note: A minimum of 5 people must be registered to book a training class.

To book a class, please fill out the registration form below. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at +1(800) 233-6148 Ext 4.