Falcon’s instructors are composed of a team of highly professional individuals with an experience of 163 years combined.

For instance, our instructors have extensive experience in Cybersecurity, OSINT, CPTED, Undercover Surveillance, Anti-Terrorism, Operational Self-Defense, Women’s Self-Defense instruction, and unarmed combat, and possess strong expertise in CPTED as well. They are NRA, DCJS, and FLETC certified.

While We strongly believe that professional training is important, the combination of our instructor’s quality and knowledge is the best solution for effective security and protection.

David is a women’s self-defense and firearms combat tactics instructor. He is fluent in five languages and has multiple experiences in undercover surveillance and anti-terrorism combat.

For instance, he is also an expert in operational self-defense, women’s self-defense instruction, combat tactics for security professionals, combat shooting, and armed and unarmed executive protection. He is a proud veteran of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and a highly-trained security specialist with 32 years of security experience.

Lisa Horton

Lisa served as an NYPD Officer, retiring from a line of duty injury. Therefore, native to New York City, Lisa followed in her father’s footsteps and was inspired to serve, in the NYPD, not only as a protective force to the community but to help the community through teamwork and service.

Lisa graduated from the New York City Police Academy in 1993. She has played a role in gathering evidence in key cases, handling violent situations, and resolving them without violence. Further, she continues to serve the community as a women’s self-defense instructor, educating public awareness for personal safety.

Ms. A

Ms. A has served honorably in the United States Navy for 10 years. Therefore, she has experience in anti-terrorism, non-lethal and harmful weapons, defensive tactics, Krav-Maga, personal protection, and investigations. She is also teaching our Women Empowerment class in the DC Metro Area.

Chris Hawkins

Chris Hawkins served in the United States Navy for over 22 years. Now as a happily retired Naval Officer, he continues his service to his clients. Therefore, he has been a mentor, leader, trainer, and change-maker for over 33 years.

Chris joined Team Falcon as a Personal Growth and Habits Coach to make a radical impact on the lives of others.  He is a certified coach, speaker, and trainer with the John Maxwell Team and a certified Professional Coach with the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC).

Above all, Chris specializes in helping people with personal growth and implementing habits.  He takes his clients from functional to phenomenal as they achieve greater productivity, success, and wealth. In addition, he provides motivational and inspirational speeches for our Safety and Prevention workshop students. As an Energy Leadership Index (ELI), Master Practitioner, Chris can administer a one-of-a-kind assessment that enables individuals to understand their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors, and overall capabilities.